The Get- Fit Boot Camp is Back

Join hundreds of other clients who have worked with us to make fitness a lifestyle

Not just access to a facility, but a chance to make fitness a lifestyle and Train with Founder & Director of Fitness Colin Vega

Back by popular demand...

Colin is instructing all classes

  • Workouts
  • Plans
  • Nutrition
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Motivation

Two Time Slots are available:

Option A

Mornings 5:30-6:30 AM (M-W-F)

Option B

Evenings & Saturday

Monday & Wednesday 6-7PM

Saturday at 8-9 AM

If you're a person who is sick and tired of gimmicks, and not getting the body you want and truly wants change.. this is a FAST TRACK your way to success, keep reading - this is FOR YOU!

You've been doing "all theses things"

  • Following all the gurus - trying to do it on your own
  • Tried a diet plan and then you gained all the weight back
  • Eating bad when you feel bad
  • ​Trying it at home on your own
  • NOT Making fitness a priority
  • Never putting YOU First
  • Going to place you don't feel wanted or known
  • Taking classes that don't work
  • Paying way too much for a trainer.

But Nothing Is Working

and now you're quietly wondering if you anyone really cares...

Well I Do

Let's make fitness a lifestyle so YOU can live longer

Starting August 1st!

Just 14 slots remaining

Join Now!

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Keep Reading Because What You're About To Read Could Be Life Changing!

Your journey is my mission ...

Hey … I'm Colin. "I love what I do and who I serve!

I built VIP from the ground up. We are not a franchise or a Big Box Gym. Bottom line I was just like you, looking for help when everyone was selling me a cookie cutter program that I needed to fit into.

Well after years of studying and coupling my experience in the Military I created VIP Fit Club in 2013. I wanted it to be a place people would not only work on fitness but have a community for support and growth.

I created the Get Fit Boot Camp Program! It has transformed thousands of lives and I'm happy to say The Get Fit Boot Camp program is back!

I believe that true strength comes from the JOY.. The joy of the Lord that is. People often confuse our company name for a very important person. Well, the fact is that YOU are the VIP I just know what it takes to make you feel as awesome as you are!

So VIP actually stands for Victory in Peace. In 10 years with the support of my loving wife ( we have built VIP and its community to what it has become today. We are real professionals, delivering amazing results. (Check out our reviews)

My wife and I have a unique approach and make your fitness journey about YOU, not us.

So if you're looking for amazing long-term results and sick of the commercial experience and don't want to be just a number, then VIP is the place for you.

What Our Clients Say ... 

Still not sure?

We've Been Right Where You Are And Completely Understand What You Need To Do Next To Make A Difference!

What's Included

(1 )One hour Private Lesson with Colin or Sheryl $150

24/7 Access to our private gym $60

The VIP Fit App $49

40% off supplements $50


2- Private sessions (Value $150)

1- Meal & Nutrition Support $60

1 Free Class Pass $20

(Total Value $539.00

There will not be another opportunity to join this program again until March 2022 and it will be DOUBLE the price

Register Today!

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The Program Runs For 90 Days

We Start

on the 30th of November 2021

There will be a kick off call to welcome you in

on the 30th November - 10 am NZT / 29th Nov - 4pm EST 

The first live training & Q&A Session

will be on Tue 7th December - 10am NZT / Mon 6th December - 4pm EST 
All trainings will be at the same time.

We will extend the program by 2 weeks to allow for a break during Christmas/New Year

The Program will finish on the 11th of March

All sessions will be recorded and the recording will be available in the membership area within 24 hrs of the call ending